Lucky Khao, Northern Thai Restaurant

We Serve Thai Curries, Khao Soi, Thai BBQ Chicken, Larb & Som Tum..

And many other Thai restaurant classics!  Here at our northern Thai restaurant we use seasonal local Sussex farm produce, local organic meat and quality Thai ingredients to prepare northeastern and regional Thai food. We’ve learned these dishes over years working in Thai restaurants around Thailand itself. Some are lesser known Thai restaurant specials, others are staff food for us when we work in the restaurants in Bangkok & Udon Thani.

Whether it’s for the cocktails, the music, the neon-nightlife vibe or the incredible Northern Thai food, we are here for you. We are a Certified B Corp and our Brighton Thai restaurant is situated in the former Brighton Post Office which we share with Redroaster.


Thai Menu


Strictly speaking this isn’t a ‘workers’ dinner because to take advantage of our Thai food midweek special you don’t have to actually work. We just liked the sound of it.

Simply, this is a great midweek deal.. Thai restaurant dinner for £17.5, which you can combine with free(!!!) beers and discounted wine. And you can, of course, add any of your favourites from our every day Thai menu.

So if you are searching for a delicious ‘Thai restaurant near me’ come and join us midweek in our beautiful Brighton Thai restaurant, both the choices of dinner feature our must-try dishes..



Unlike many Thai restaurants in Brighton, the Thai food we serve is not ultra processed and is prepared by our team at the restaurant. You’ll notice it immediately. Many of the Thai curries, such as the massaman, are old-style complex recipes and the guys roast the herbs over coals before pounding the paste and we use coconut cream for richness.

Other dishes are influenced by our time working in Thai restaurants in Bangkok and Udon Thani, especially with Chefs Chalee Kader & Num Samuay. So you’ll see that our Thai menu differs from others in Brighton because of the cuts we use, some of the spices and veg, but also because we tend to feature northern Thai restaurant dishes.

The local Sussex meat we offer is from Goodwood Organic Home Farm and exclusively from the Knepp Estate, a pioneering rewilding and regenerative farming project outside Brighton. We are very lucky to enjoy this partnership and to offer wild range, pasture fed meat. We use Thai herbs but often substitute with local varieties where we can.

Not your usual Thai