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Fri & Sat 4 – midnight

Mon & Sun Closed



bbq organic pork skewers

1.9 each

grilled fatty pig neck [LOCAL], salty likebacon, crispy shallot, great w/ beer

    northerners hot dog


    chiang mai style, fermented, chargrilled pork, w/ pickles and nam prik jam, brioche roll

      charcoal thai aubergine


      northern herbs, larb spice, fish sauce

        white turmeric + bamboo larb

        Vegan 5.7

        hand minced salad w daikon, lime, vegan soy, keffir, spring onion, saw- tooth, leaves

          betel wraps

          1.7 each

          • mackerel ceviche, thai herbs, galangel caramel

            1.9 each
          • green mango, sticky rice, toasted coconut, young ginger, peanut, birds eye

            Vegan 1.9 each

          mike’s party wings!


          whole natural chicken wings, marinated in fish sauce and palm sugar, deepfried and tossed in caramelised fish sauce, garlic + served w/ pickles


            bbq pork and crispy organic egg salad


            bbq pork shoulder, glass noodles + crispy egg, w/ larb spice, sawtooth, shallots, birdseye

              som tam


              mortar pounded green papaya w/ fried peanuts, birds eye chilli. long beans, tomato, chilli + palm sugar dressing. Made in the pestle, this is pretty hot [WE CAN ALSO MAKE THIS VEGAN]

                raw beef larb


                hand minced organic local beef, northern spices, toasted rice, keffir, fish sauce, leaves (spicy)

                  DON’T FORGET TO ORDER

                  STICKY ORGANIC RICE


                  small-batch thai farm

                    STIR FRIED LOCAL GREENS


                    fermented soy cake, garlic


                      local goat chops

                      (x3) 14.9

                      served w/ toasted rice powder + thai chimichuree made w/ roasted chilli, garlic, fish sauce

                        northern thai charcoal bbq chicken


                        local f/r chicken, bone-out, marinated w/ lemongrass, garlic, chilli, coriander stems + roasted over charcoal [KAI YANG] served w/ both nam jm sauce + tamarind dipping sauce

                          organic 18hr sussex smoked beef brisket


                          smoked all-night, fresh herbs, sweet salty gastrique [SAUCE] made w/ palm sugar, shallots, fish sauce, fresh herbs

                            white corn ribs

                            Vegan 7.4

                            bbq sweetcorn ribs, roasted nam jim pepper sauce, coconut cream

                              local pork belly rib


                              bbq local pork, dressed w/ garlic, pomegrante, shallot, coriander, ginger

                                WHOLE FISH

                                sam-rod whole fish


                                whole deep fried local seabass, topped w/ garlic, sweet fish sauce, shallots


                                  khao soi

                                  [CHIANG MAI STYLE CURRY-NOODLE DISH, THIS IS GREAT AS A ONE PERSON DISH OR TO SHARE] homemade spice mix, coconut milk broth, curried + crispy noodles w/ all the fixings on top.. shallots, bean sprouts, pickled mustard greens, coriander

                                  • overnight smoked local organic brisket

                                    [KHAO SOI NEUA] 10
                                  • chiang-mai sausage [f/r sussex pork]

                                  • tofu + shitake mushrooms

                                    [KHAO SOI JAY / VEGAN] 9.5

                                  local pork curry


                                  tender organic free-range sussex pork belly & shoulder, garlic, peppercorns, coconut sugar, anise, thick southern paste. Fairly mild, needs jasmine rice.

                                    sour aubergine curry

                                    Vegan 9.5

                                    roasted aubergines, northern sour spices, beansprouts, pickled mustard greens, tamarind, coconut cream, lime. Ultimate comfort food.

                                      = staff food, we’re eating these when we’re working in BKK